Area rugs often feel like a miracle invention to add a sense of completion to your space. Irrelevant of your choice of style as one that has been tried-and-true or something else that simply is a color and texture you fell in love with, we agree it is a complete necessity to any room and any home. It can add a dash of warmth and comfort to the room as well as show off your vibrant personality.

This quintessential decorative accessory can come in an assortment of colors and designs ranging from traditional ones to modern designs. There is also a wide range of materials you can choose from for your area rug. This writes up may be the right thing for you if you are stuck in a dilemma during the process of choosing a rug. Here are a few ground rules that can help simplify your choice and make the perfect decision.

Your Sense Of Style

The most crucial factors that should be considered while selecting a rug are your lifestyle and your sense of style. The placement of the rug should also be considered to ensure you pick one that does not get worn out within a few months.

If you have children or pets, they can add to the damage on a rug placed on a high traffic area such as the living room or passage space. If this is the case, you should opt for a rug that will be easy to clean and also lasts longer.

A darker colour can be the right choice as they would not get discolored due to regular usage, will not be highly affected by stains and will also keep the damage minimal. You can choose a plain or patterned rug to emphasize your sense of style to space. You can choose between materials such as seagrass, wool or a synthetic blend. You can find some great options at

The Size Of The Rug

Before you choose a rug, the size of the room has to be understood and analyzed. Sometimes placing a large bright colored one in a small space can cause the space to look smaller than reality. Doing some research can come to aid to help you choose the rug of the right size for a particular room.

If it is the dining room, it should be large enough to place the table and chairs around it, even when the chairs are pulled away before someone sits. You can work with furniture measurements such as the dining table in this case, to ensure you choose the right sized rug. Don’t forget to leave out some corner spaces if you have flooring that is extremely beautiful such as wood.

Colors And Patterns

Before the rug selection is done, the color scheme of the room should be considered. It is not necessary that your rug goes along with the overall color scheme of your room, but it is important to ensure that the final effect is something you desire. You can add a brightly colored rug to a monochrome room to get a dramatic change. You can also choose a rug that compliments the color scheme as well.

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