Dogs get nausea for a number of reasons just as humans do. What are some common symptoms of dogs with nausea? Is there a way to prevent a dog from having nausea? CBD oil can help treat these nausea symptoms in dogs and cats, but how?

Why do dogs get Nausea?

Dogs get nausea due to many reasons including pregnancy, overeating, and worms. Some dogs get nausea from being anxious. Most dogs will have nausea at some point however some dogs get nausea fairly often. Dogs who are nauseous rather often probably have other issues causing it. Many dogs will not want to eat at all when they aren’t feeling well.

Symptoms of Nausea in Dogs

The most common sign of your dog having nausea is when they are throwing up. Throwing up is usually a fast way to get rid of the nauseous feeling quickly. Another sign of a dog with nausea is loose stools. Dogs with nausea all experience their symptoms different and diarrhea are one of these.

Another sign your dog may be nauseous is noticing they have not been eating as they usually do. This may be noticed by them not begging for human food, taking treats, or noticing their food bowl hasn’t been getting lower. Nausea may make the dogs stomach feel bloated or full and this can cause them to not eat or want to eat. If this is ongoing it could lead to loss of weight which will make the dog weaker and can be toxic to their health.

You may also notice your dog trying to eat grass, a lot of dogs will eat grass to help them throw up when they are feeling nauseous

Dogs with nausea may drink less also which can cause them to become dehydrated which also leads to other health issues. Being dehydrated as well as having nausea is a serious condition as they will be lethargic and could be throwing up and having loose stools. This is also causing more dehydration and weakness. Treating this quickly is the best route to keep your dog from becoming seriously ill.

How to treat Nausea In dogs?

When you notice your dog is nauseous it is important to act quickly. Dogs can’t vocalize when they are feeling ill so it is up to us to notice their behavioral changes and set a path to get them better. Some ways to help prevent nausea include not feeding a dog before traveling. Dogs often feel nauseous when traveling so limit intake during these times. This nausea could be due to anxiety or due to travel sickness.

Feeding your dog in smaller amounts throughout the day can help with overeating as some dogs eat until their food bowls are clean. This is sometimes linked to not eating enough or past trauma of some sort. Feeding with a time schedule in smaller amounts can help your dog to eat slower as they will get used to feeling full throughout the day.

CBD oil use for Nausea

CBD oil can be used when you know you have done everything to help prevent your dog from being nauseous. CBD oil allows for the production of anti-emetic or anti-nausea effects. CBD activates the somatodendritic autoreceptors. CBD helps treat sickness from travel, anxiety and many other issues that can cause nausea in dogs.