An inverter is a device which functions electronically and changes the direct current entering it into alternating current. In simpler words, it turns DC into AC. Inverters usually support small appliances like lights, fans, television sets and also provide electricity to charge phones. However, in today’s day and age, best buy inverter have hit the market which also supports huge appliances like refrigerators, air conditioning systems, and washing machines.

The price, size and how the inverter functions all depend on the design of the model, the input and output voltage and the amount of power it can handle.

Why is India such a popular market for inverters?

  1. India is constantly subjected to power failures, with the power cuts varying in duration from villages and cities. Villages experience around 7 hours of power cut a day on average and cities have it for around 2-4 hours.
  2. What is frustrating is that these powercuts usually take place during the peak summer season when people literally cannot do without their fans, coolers, and ACs which is also a factor contributing to the power cuts. This means that power cuts often occur due to overloading of electricity mains.
  3. Other causes of a power outage can be that the transmission lines which transfer electricity are damaged, the distribution system has experienced a short circuit or there can be a fault at the power station itself.
  4. India is such a huge country with almost every citizen demanding electricity and electricity is not something that can be stored and made available when the citizens need it. It is created and immediately distributed through lines. This is the reason why power outages occur. It is a means of compensation so that everyone gets to use the benefits of electricity.
  5. However, if so much of electricity was not being wasted on big retail chains to just make things operate automatically then power outages would not have been so common.

Nowadays you can save the hassle of going out to buy inverters because you now have an inverter for home online shopping. Inverters help the common man to live his life continuously without any interruptions. The electricity might just go out when you’re stepping out with your wife for an occasion. Now how is she supposed to do her makeup and fix her clothes? The answer is the mighty inverter.

Now that you know the inverter can save your life when the electricity goes out, there is another question.

How do I select the best inverter for myself?

  1. Know your requirement. If you cannot live without big appliance running 24×7 then you must go with an inverter that supports them along with making small appliances work. The size of the inverter may increase significantly with an increase in its function.
  2. Your budget. You can get inverters for cheap if your minimum requirement is low. For example, if you have a small house and the only thing you want running is a light and fan in a room then your inverter should be in the cost-efficient bracket.

Inverters are life saviors- be it summer or be it winter. With the situation in India not changing any time soon, inverters are your safest bets.