Everyone is well aware of the potential of short messaging services in the field of communication. Commonly known as SMS, for individuals all around the globe, this service has been an all-time favorite way of communicating and sharing what they wish. By using SMS services, the end user is featured to send and receive short messages through which communicative words can be exchanged in an interactive manner.

Affability of Short Messaging services

As per the surveys were done on the popularity and affability of SMS within the mob, figures report that 97percent of messages sent are read by the recipients just within three minutes of its delivery. Thus, the message and its essence give a lasting impression in a recipient’s mind in just a few minutes of SMS delivery. Adding to it, the figures further declare that approximately 80 percent of mobile users prefer sending text messages to others with the intention of communicating their word. May it be a word regarding some information or just a friendly conversation, the end users find messaging a far viable and convenient option over other communicative tools like voice calling and internet application messaging. As per the data received, it is estimated that a call cannot be received by individuals in all scenarios and there lie high chances of call drops. Thus, if the information or communicative word is short enough to come within the range of 160 characters, it’s always preferred by end users to choose messaging services.


Knowing this potential of messaging services and the powerful role it plays in the field of communication, business industries have been highly inclining towards using messaging services to communicate their business word with its target audiences and simultaneously establishing a healthy communication channel. While the individuals can utilize SMS service to communicate, business needs to ponder on the concept of Bulk messaging services provided by bulk SMS resellers.

Understanding the concept of Bulk SMS Reseller 

With the understanding so far, it is a clear notion that SMS has been ruling the communication world in every aspect. Also, business inclination towards using bulk SMS services is high. However, one intermediate stage which acts as the facilitator for business end users to utilize bulk messaging solutions is still to be addressed. This stage is where the role of bulk SMS reseller lies.

A bulk SMS reseller is an institution that deems to purchase SMS credits in bulk quantity and then forth provide it’s business end users the SMS credits as and when needed by them. Speaking in a more detailed manner, the bulk SMS reseller acts as the one-stop contact for the businesses which will communicate with their target audiences using bulk messaging services but do also need the SMS credits only in few thousands for any given time.  

The key principle that governs the concept of bulk SMS reselling lies in the fact that the reseller is responsible for purchasing bulk message credits from the aggregator which range in the figures of thousands of thousands. Usually, not all business organizations can purchase such massive SMS packages for their promotional needs. For them, they need a small batch of messages. This batch may deem to have the SMS credits only of a few thousands. Thus, the reseller acts as an approachable platform from where business units can purchase messaging packets as per their business needs.

Bulk SMS reselling: A viable business opportunity 

Yes, you read it rightly. In the world of business, bulk messaging has evolved as a rising strategy in marketing. With the emergence of this strategy, there has been the birth of many business options which shall deem to facilitate the concept of bulk messaging solutions in the time henceforth. On such business opportunity resides in being a bulk SMS reseller.

With the clear understanding of the principle that governs working of bulk SMS reselling, any institute can be a bulk SMS reseller. In order to stand up to this role, all that the reseller must do is purchases bulk messaging credits in a humongous quantity and then resells them to their willing customers. These willing customers can be any set of business that resides in the known network of the SMS reseller.

The reseller is free to provide these networked customers SMS credits on a price that it finds appropriate for its business. This makes the business a profitable platform. Since there is no external influence on the reseller, the reseller is allured with setting up a price for its credits as per its own business needs and relations with the latter organizations. Since the reseller often is featured with purchasing SMS credits in a colossal number, the price paid by him per SMS credit is very cheap. This gives reseller a free hand to set up a reselling price which shall make the reselling business stand high in the market and manage more and more of business by providing networked business users bulk messaging facilities at economical rates.