Stay in any tiger reserve is important as an exciting jungle safari. Ranthambore Tiger reserve is the place where many wild tigers survive in Natinal park. Searching for the best in accommodation is the first priority on the tour…

Ranthambore is known throughout the world as a tiger reservoir, it is situated in the SawaiMadhopur district of Rajasthan. In 1980, Ranthambore was declared as a National Park. It is about 170 km away by road from Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur. Ranthambore National Park is popular for its forest. Its forest is tropical dry deciduous.

It is also called the land of tigers and it is famous for the glory of tigers in the world. But apart from the reserved forest, Rajasthan is a vibrant hospitality industry of the country. Here the high end hotels offer the best in hospitality industry, not only in style but also an experience which is memorable. From the luxury wildlife resorts to the heritage hotels, choose the best option for your stay in Ranthambore national park.

Hotel Ambience in Ranthambore

Hotel in Ranthambore

Ranthambore located in the desert is an oasis in the lap of the Aravali hills. Ranthambore provides greenery in the desolate desert in the dry deciduous mixed forest of western Rajasthan. The Aravali hills in Ranthambore are a mixture of high mountain ranges, plateaus and slopes.

The entire landscape of Ranthambore is surrounded by streams, man-made and natural water bodies or lakes. Geographic features create a unique ecosystem that retains enough floral elements and organisms.

The specialty of dry rolling region provides beautiful accords to the surroundings. This is where most of Ranthambore’s hotels are located.Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is divided into two conservation zones of core and buffer. The core forest area in Ranthambore is out of bounds for humans and their populace except forest department staff. The area is completely reserved for the forest.

The hotels in Ranthambore are located in a buffer area at a distance from each other. Most of the accommodations are spectacular in nature, consistent with five star or high end ranges. There are rooms and cottages to stay at Ranthambore hotels and some hotels offer to stay in ultra-luxurious tents.

The OberoiVanyavilas, Ranthambore
Luxurious forest resort

Special care has been taken to explore the surrounding forest, which is attached to Ranthambore.

The main feature is the luxury tented accommodation which provides quiet and superb life. Furnished with highly modern world-class interiors and the spacious lodging in high-living accommodations decorates excellence. The state of modern facilities and art services are the main features of five star stay. Tariff is higher on a daily basis but it is worth it.

The OberoiVanyavilas is ready for the best living experience in the Wild Park and the best in the exciting Tiger Safari.

Vivanta by Taj – SawaiMadhopur Lodge
Erstwhile hunting Lodge and now heritage property

A real entrance to the Royal’s property is a former lodge owned by the Maharaja of Jaipur. Although the aura of the charm of the old world is still hanging around the accommodation, it has been modified in the Taj property. In addition to the modern appendages set up to take five star steps, attractive royal arts and designs still exist.

Vivanta by Taj offers an old world charm with the comfort of ultra-modern living in style.

A luxury Wildlife Camp

A big expanse of prosperity defines a quiet home in Aman-i-khas, in the pleasant border of Ranthambore. The tents are decorated with ultra-modern comfort accessories and warm interiors.

The stylish resort complex is not only a treat spa but also a wellness treatment facility to survive. Delicious food is in a beautiful tent, which holds a table for a personal candle romance or large setup for groups. Food recipes are from the expert chefs but can be prepared according to your needs.

Hotel Dev Vilas
Abode of Gods

Situated between the Aravalli hills, this hotel is situated only a short distance from Ranthambore’s main entrance. This is an example of a blend of Indian and Arabic style architecture. Although this is not heritage property, it imitates the hunting lodge earlier. The central building between Ranthambore’s greenery is tall and beautiful. An ideal setting for the elite, Dev Vilas offers accommodation in the suites and tented bungalows designed by the prestigious architect.

Fine dining experience and exciting jungle safari are the prime properties of Dev Vilas.

Hotel NahargarhRanthambhore
A Royal heritage Retreat in Ranthambore

Experience the royal palace as the former kings in the Royal prosperity. Nahargarh stands as a Palace in the middle of Ranthambhore’s greenery, with the pride of its safe mysterious fortress.

Luxury is sometimes defined as the grandeur in the old world’s attractions and moving away from modern architecture and designs. Still, in the earlier palaces with the modern palace, luxury and comfort are concerned.

As it is said in India that live the life in the Maharaja style

Permissive properties
High-end hotels and Resorts in Ranthambore

The High End Properties are the five-star category accommodation that offers luxurious and stylish ways of life. Fine meals are assured from a wide range of dishes from around the world. Stylish hospitality is with kind humble care and services. The high end hotels in Ranthambore located at remote areas are expensive. Luxury and prosperity command a price. These hotels and resorts in Ranthambore are the shelter of rich and famous people.

Yet there are excellent properties with proper fare. Therefore, this luxury hotel is an option for those wishing to enjoy exciting safari in Ranthambore national Park. During off-season some resorts can reduce their tariffs in the form of summer season discounts etc.