From elementary school to university teachers, these educators work hard to help their students learn and succeed. The influence of a teacher cannot be understated. Their impact goes beyond just teaching sometimes, where they can inspire a student to aspire for more in life in a profound way. Most likely, you or someone you know can tell you at least one story about a favourite teacher that’s affected them for the better. In which case, why not show your appreciation with a gift? If you’re uncertain of what to get, read on to find the best gifts you can give that will certainly be the highlight of their semester!  

Show Gratitude with a Gift Basket 

Gift baskets have been a staple gift to give to a teacher. You can see why with how many goodies and treats it can provide all in one basket. It’s essentially multiple gifts in one. Plus, the beauty of gift baskets is how you can personalise them. You can include their favourite stuff, which you know they will use. For instance, if they happen to be a coffee lover. You can add high-quality coffee that’s a step up from their regular cup of joe. Also, what’s great about a gift basket is that you can show your appreciation without having to deliver it yourself. You can easily call for gift basket delivery to send it straight to their home or even send it directly to their classroom as a surprise. You honestly can’t go wrong with a gift basket!  

A Meaningful Keepsake to Remember 

Teachers may not realise how much they can profoundly impact students. So, why not give them something that will remind them of that fact? A good gift for that would be by gifting them a personal keepsake. A keepsake can practically be anything since they’re usually meant to be kept as a memento.  

In this case, there are various creative ways you can go about a keepsake. A popular keepsake many give to teachers is a crystal award plaque that says “#1 Teacher.” It’s a classic choice since it will make them feel appreciated and recognized for everything they do.  

You can personalise their keepsake by creating a memory box. Teachers have many students in their lifetime. Yet, some still manage to remember them years later. You can decorate a memory box and fill it with sentimental items associated with them. For instance, you can add a handwritten letter about how much they meant to you as a teacher. You can bet that it would tug at your teacher’s heartstrings! 

Providing Any Classroom Necessities  

Unfortunately, some teachers struggle to provide classroom supplies for their students. Some schools don’t have much funding, leaving the onus on teachers to pay for supplies from their pockets. A good yet practical gift would be to alleviate financial stress by providing desperately needed supplies. A good example of a teacher who most likely needs supplies would be an art teacher. All art supplies are rather costly, whether it be for elementary or university art teachers.  

If your favourite teacher is the art teacher, consider helping them with much-needed supplies – they’ll certainly appreciate and use them! Or, if your favourite teacher is an English teacher, perhaps provide better copies of the books they cover in their lessons. Over the years, books get worn out, so it would be nice to have them in better condition. These are just a few specific gift examples for a certain teacher, but general supplies like pencils, notebooks, and other miscellaneous necessities would help any teacher!   

A Gift Card You Know They Will Use 

Many might not think a gift card is a good enough gift – touting it as ‘boring’. That’s a big misconception since gift cards are still abundant in many places, making it clear that they’re still valuable to people. After all, a gift card allows the receiver to do whatever they want. It takes away the guesswork and risk of choosing a gift they won’t like. Plus, it’s not like a gift card can’t be personable. It can easily be thoughtful in its way.  

For instance, do you notice your teacher always having a Starbucks coffee in hand before class? Then get them a gift card from there! They will appreciate being spared from paying for their early morning brew. The goal is to get a gift card allowing them to treat themselves, ranging from their favourite restaurant to a spa. Another way of going about gift cards is speaking to their interests. Are they a bookworm? If so, you can bet a gift card from their favourite bookstore would be perfect! You can rest assured that giving a gift card would make a teacher happy.  

Hopefully, this list of gifts has inspired you on what you can provide a teacher. You can bet whatever you end up gifting them will only remind them of their love for teaching and the literal rewards that come with it.