We all know a wine connoisseur in our lives. They’re the first person you turn to when you need a suggestion on a good bottle of wine. And there is a reason for that – they have a refined palate like no other. 

But how do you show your thanks for helping to broaden your horizons? Don’t fret! There are a few gift ideas that you can give them to show your appreciation. 

If you’re stumped on ideas, listed are some of the best wine gifts you can give that will have the wine lover in your flushed with gratitude and appreciation! 

Quality Wine Glasses

The universal way to drink wine has been through a glass. If the person you know has a fancier sensibility, you can easily find glasses in various styles and designs that can suit their tastes. One of the best wine glasses you can get would be crystal ones. However, if they’re more focused on elevating their wine tasting experience, you can find glasses that enhance the notes in their wine. Additionally, more practical wine lovers may opt out of glasses and prefer a wine tumbler. Portable and travel-friendly, they’re perfect for when they serve wine during picnics! 

A Wine Subscription

Wine connoisseurs are all about trying new wines to expand their palate further. However, there are various brands of wines to choose from, which could make them feel overwhelmed about what ones to try out. So, why not remove the stress by having a wine subscription curate a few bottles that they can try? It’s a great way for them to find their new favourites! 

If you want a less committed option, you can always opt for filling a gift basket full of their favourite wines or ones you know they’ve always wanted to try. Thankfully, like a subscription, you can ensure they get it sent straight to their home through gift basket delivery. With either route you choose, you can ensure they enjoy an assortment of wines from the comfort of their home. 

Any Wine Accessories

How often have you seen your dear wino struggle to find a proper way to uncork a bottle of wine? If it’s too often, get them a quality corkscrew that they can rely on whenever they wish to serve up a glass. However, if your wino is already prepared with their own corkscrew, you can surprise them with other wine accessories that can benefit them. 

You can get wine bottle insulators or stylish buckets to help keep their wine chilled to perfection. Alternatively, you can ensure no wine messes for them by providing a protective lid and a wine stain remover so that no spills will ruin their buzz. For the more sociable wine enthusiast, you can also give them a lovely decanter that you can use to pour wine for both of you!

A Wine-Making Kit

What could be better than drinking wine? By making your own wine! You can help your fellow wine sommelier transition into a winemaker by giving them a wine-making kit. It can provide them with a taste of the wine-making process by seeing what’s necessary for it to come to fruition. Plus, there would be nothing more exciting and engaging than having them try out their creation! You can get that any wino big on understanding how wine is made would find a wine-making kit to be incredibly fun. 

A Book on Wine 

Is the wine enthusiast in your life typically curled up with a glass of wine and a book? Think about getting them a book related to wine! If they’re all about learning about wine notes, consider buying them a book that acts as a reference, so they further understand them. If their intrigue in wine came from pairing it with food, find books of that nature or title specific to certain wine and food pairings like exclusively red wine food pairings. 

Beyond wine reference books, you can find either an engaging biography regarding wine or various books that feature wine as a motif in numerous fictional stories. Whatever taste in books your wine lover has, you can bet you can find a book revolving around wine somehow!

Book a Wine Tour

Easily the best gift you can give a wine connoisseur! On a wine tour, they can see the grapes used in wine and the process of how it all comes together. Beyond being incredibly educational, they can do one of their favourite pastimes while there – naturally, drinking wine, of course! During such tours, they will provide them with various wine tastings to make a fun and memorable experience for the wine aficionado in your life.

Wine is generally a good gift for the wino in your life. However, taking the extra mile and getting creative, wine-inspired gifts give a more personal touch. It will have them drunk with happiness – unless the wine you gave them gets to them first!