A beach gift basket is one of the best gift baskets to give someone. It’s like bringing all the necessities and fun of the beach all in one place! But how do you make a beach gift basket that doesn’t look like it’s made for a kid? Here is how you can find out – check out the best beach gift basket ideas below! 

 Sunny Skin Care 

There is nothing like enjoying the warm sunshine. But, you also want to ensure the person receiving your beach gift basket is well protected from the sun! They won’t be having much fun for long with a horrible sunburn. Add heavy-duty sunscreen with an SPF to help keep their skin protected and one that smells and feels nice. Furthermore, if you know the person is big on skincare, add facial sunscreen that would help with whatever skin type they have. They will surely appreciate it since proper coverage can help keep them looking youthful and keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.  

Aloha Alcohol  

Beyond water, another great way to feel refreshed and cool off is to have some alcoholic drinks. Including alcoholic beverages in a beach gift basket is what will distinguish it from a kid’s one. In this case, you want to find alcoholic drinks that complement the warmer weather. You can find beer, coolers, and margarita mixes with tropical flavours that will work well with the beachy vibe. Whatever their alcohol preference, you can find one that will suit the beach theme of their gift basket. You can be it will make for a great surprise! 

A Beach Read 

Sometimes just relaxing at the beach with a good book is all someone needs. If the person you know is a bit of a bookworm, indulge them by giving them a good read when they hit the beach. It would be a great way to unwind, especially if they travelled to said beach. After a long flight, there is nothing like cozying up with a book to recharge their batteries. It allows them to have a bit of an escape during their vacation. Check out their favourite authors and genres, so you can rest assured they will devour each page as they lounge on the beach!  

Quality Towel Set 

When people go to the beach, there isn’t much thought about their towels. Sure, they’re important to have to help you dry off after a dip in the water. However, many aren’t bringing the nicest towels to the beach. Many of them are skinny and flimsy. Ready to potentially fly off at the first sign of harsh winds. In which case, how about you provide a towel set that is better than that? Including a high-quality towel set will have them relishing the material’s luxurious feel as they dry off. With these, you can ensure they will not only use it for the beach but so much more!  

Mouth-Watering Snacks 

After a long dip in the water, it can leave many hungry. Generally, you don’t want to eat anything too heavy if you plan to swim lest you get a bad cramp once you get back into the water. You can help provide a good compromise by including beach-themed snacks in their gift basket! Light snacks like macadamia nuts, key lime or coconut cookies, and even plantain chips would be great inclusions to have inside. Not only will they taste delicious, but they will also satiate their hunger without making them feel heavy.  

Fun in the Sun Items 

Fun in the sun can look different for some adults. For instance, some are more active and like to play beach volleyball. If this sounds like someone you know, there is no harm in including a beach ball into their beach gift basket. They will surely get a lot out of it! However, if they’re not about exercising their body and more about their mind, you can consider getting them a notebook to journal while they relax on the beach. Alternatively, they might appreciate waterproof playing cards if they’re more social. They can still play the card games they love without the water ruining them.  

There you have it! All the various gift ideas you can include in a gift basket. Hopefully, this gave you the inspiration to fill up their beach gift basket with all the essentials and goodies they will enjoy and appreciate!