Dedicated. Experienced. Forward-thinking. Applied individually, these words often describe many people. However, collectively these attributes define Dr. Andrea Natale. Dr. Natale is known worldwide for his extensive research and revolutionary treatment in the medical field of cardiology. Primarily focusing on electrophysiology and atrial fibrillation treatment during his long medical career, he is also a prodigious author and lecturer on various cardiology subjects.

International Experience

From the University of Florence Medical and Surgery School to the Cleveland Clinic and Duke University, Dr. Andrea Natale has worked all over the world. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florence in 1979 with a medical degree. In 1989, he completed a cardiology program at Catholic University’s Sacred Heart School of Cardiology, in Rome. Residency took Dr. Andrea Natale to Canada and Milwaukee. Following his education, Dr. Andrea Natale led the physiopathology section of the Italian Air Force Department of Medicine for three years before moving to the United States.

Spreading Knowledge and Innovation

Once in the United States, Dr. Andrea Natale spread knowledge and innovation across the country. His first stateside job was as the Section Head of the Department of Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, where he also directed the electrophysiology lab and served as the Medical Director of the Atrial Fibrillation Center at the Cleveland Clinic.

After three years at the Cleveland Clinic, Andrea Natale left Ohio for a position at the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute. Dr. Andrea Natale has also worked as the director of the Arrhythmia Center at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, the Al Sabah Arrhythmia Institute at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Medical Center in New York, and as the Director of the Electrophysiology Laboratories at Duke University.

Combatting Fatigue and Dizziness Caused by Heart Conditions

Throughout his lengthy career, Dr. Andrea Natale has focused his practice on the diagnosis and treatment of a cardiac disorder called atrial fibrillation, commonly known as AFib. This disorder of the heart’s upper chambers is characterized by an irregular heart rhythm. Patients suffering from Afib can experience generalized weakness and fatigue as well as heart palpitations and dizziness. These symptoms are often exacerbated by anxiety.

As a physician, Andrea Natale has pioneered unique treatment methods for AFib, including catheter-based cures and specialized vein-ablation methods that utilize ultrasound. He even holds the patent on his circumferential ultrasound pulmonary vein-ablation system. Dr. Andrea Natale has earned “Innovator of the Year” honors on more than one occasion.

Dedicated to Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives

Because of his unique Afib treatment techniques, patients have traveled great distances to receive Dr. Andrea Natale’s medical care. Whether a young military person diagnosed with AFib, or a patient who received an unsuccessful AFib ablation, Dr. Andrea Natale applies different techniques to help patients improve their daily lives.

For more than 35 years, Dr. Andrea Natale has studied the relationship between electric properties and activity within and between heart cells, also known as cardiac electrophysiology. His studies have allowed him to create new tools and methods to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from AFib.

One such technique is the use of catheter-based ablation. Another method developed by Dr. Andrea Natale is a vein-ablation system that utilizes ultrasound to treat AFib. Dr. Andrea Natale performed the first five of these treatments in the world and holds the patent for this procedure.

A Forward-Thinking Career

Dr. Andrea Natale constantly thinks about improving or reinventing techniques for treating cardiovascular diseases. Throughout his distinguished career, he has written numerous articles featured in respected medical journals and publications, such as the New England Journal of Medicine. In total, Andrea Natale’s research and work have appeared in more than 400 publications since 1987.

Dr. Andrea Natale is highly respected by patients and peers alike, as indicated by high ratings from HealthGrades, and is consistently called upon to review national and international publications by other medical professionals.

While certainly, Dr. Andrea Natale recognizes the benefit of important treatment protocols like lifestyle changes and medication, he has focused his career on improving and developing medical procedures to treat AFib. Eventually, Dr. Andrea Natale wants to develop assistive technologies such as special cardiac catheters and robotic devices and hopes that technology to treat or cure AFib will replace or supplement typical surgeries.


A true renaissance man, Dr. Andrea Natale has devoted his career to educating colleagues, researching techniques, and creating new solutions for cardiovascular issues. His tireless efforts in the medical community have undoubtedly saved countless lives.