Telluride is an upcoming tourist destination in the southwest county of San Miguel County in Colorado. In the 19th century, Telluride was a mining town and that’s where it got its name from. It’s nestled in a box valley and has all the ideal landforms for a good vacation. You can see the Bridal Veil Falls from the town.

Getting there

You can get to Telluride by flight. It is connected by Telluride Regional Airport and Montrose Regional Airport which is 67 km from Telluride. This place has convenient public transport that you can get by. It’s free of cost and connects all the major destinations within the town. The free bus service is called the Galloping Goose. You can take the free Gondola from Telluride to Mountain Village which is at the foot of the mountains for skiing.


A tourist town, Telluride has a good many resorts and hotels to choose from. Since the sports activities are spaced out, you can book accommodation at the site of your favorite sport too. You can go through the website of Todd Herrick which has everything about Telluride you need to know from the perspective of the locals.

Winter sports

There is something for every energy level on the quaint mountains of Telluride. The variety of sports make vacationing here more enjoyable than any other destination in North America. The scenic beauty of the mountains enthralls everyone who goes here.

The activity that sets this destination apart from every other is the heliskiing, The skiing here was started by passionate individuals who were from other fields. They came together and started winter sports here in the region. The Telluride Ski resort took off in the 21st Century and these individuals took skiing to a new level. Helitrax which is the pioneer company in heliskiing is headed by Todd Herrick Telluride.

When the falls freeze over in the winter, it attracts ice climbers.

Summer sports

You can head over to Telluride in the Summer too. In the summer you can enjoy mountain hiking, biking, river rafting, and sightseeing. The flora and fauna of the region make a very beautiful landscape in the summer months. Untouched by development, this place has retained the beauty and grace from the beginning.

As a summer explorer, you have trails with different difficulty levels to choose from. Hiking season begins in May and continues through changing seasons till October. Ajax Peak, Hope Lake, Bear Creek Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls are the most popular. There is accommodation at all of these places should you decide to stay.


Telluride isn’t just for vigorous sports and adrenaline rushes. If you want to stay away from these there’s plenty for you to do too. Bask in the warm sun and fish in the San Miguel River. It has fished throughout the year. You can go for long relaxing walks in the summer and revel in the beauty of nature. In the winter you can go snowshoeing, which is the same, only in the snow.

It is easy on the pocket too. You can take your own equipment or take some on rent. With so many options, Telluride has a vacation for everyone.