Modern StaircaseStaircase is the main part of the house and based on the convenience of the movement and circulation of the people inside of the house. There are different kinds of designs that are introduced for an accommodate floor or proper layout of the room, maximum to the numbers can be allotted. Broader the staircases better are the design as movement is possible and then comes the attractive appearance of the stairs. Different kinds of staircase designs and materials are required to build it strong, so let us find the most stable and modern stair concepts.

Trending Staircase Designs of 2020

Following the trend often helps you get a good understanding of what works in what setting. Your home decor has been made with a particular style in mind. When it comes to designs of staircases you will be surprised by the plethora of choices that you get to suit your particular style. Even if you have not planned to work on renovating your staircase, these 7 trending designs of 2020 will make you itch to get one for your home too.

     1. The traditional look  Traditional are timeless design might look a bit extravagant but it surely will make anyone do a double-take. If you have a wider space then the foyer will have an ultra-chic look. These kinds of staircases live on forever. The use of solid wood like oak while using white or black for creating borders is the epitome sleek design.

    2. Floating staircase – If you want to save on space yet have an alluring staircase then this will suit your needs perfectly. The floating effect is created by skillfully placing lights below stairway planks that are fitted to the wall.

      3. Spiral glass staircase – If you are a fan of the skywalks then these spiral glass made staircase designs will cater to your adventurous spirit. In fact, you can create a floating case with a glass staircase too. The whole design will stand out like no other. The glass used is hardened and industry-tested so you need not worry about breaking them.

      4. The artsy design – If you are not worried about the budget then the staircase design will allow your inner artist to fly free. You can get together with a carpenter and go wild about the design, the shape and the materials that you are going to use to create the custom staircase.

    5. Shelf staircase design If you love to read then the inner bookworm will go gaga over the area below the staircase. The fusion of bookshelves with staircase planks will allow you to simply lounge on the way and enjoy your favorite novel. If you want, you can make the railing to be a two-way bookshelf so that the decor of the home becomes more appealing.

      6. Earthly and warm If you have an ancestral home or you want your contemporary home this warm wooden and heavily decorated will add elegance and a touch of warmth to your interiors. The traditional design along with artistic railings makes these another timeless addition to your home.

     7. Symmetrical design – If you are all for angles and shapes then these staircase designs will appeal to your calculative mind. The straight angles, the sharp corners, and the simple design will make any home stand out. You can opt for wood or recycled plastic to lessen the environmental pollution.

Final note

The staircase never goes out of style or functionality. Investing in staircase designs that appeal to your sense of style and budget not only creates a beautiful ambiance in your home but also improves the overall property value. And the option to customize the designs appeals more to anyone.