Page Writing

People assume that creating a Wikipedia page is as simple as creating a Facebook page. A couple of facts and an attractive picture could do it for them but this is not the case with a Wikipedia page. The most important thing in a Wikipedia page is the content. The creation of content is not the only thing but a number of points are to be catered while writing and developing the content for a Wikipedia page. Here are some tips about writing a Wikipedia page.

  • Research well

The first and foremost important thing is to research the client or project that you are trying to create a page for. Gather the facts and information through research and know that everything that you would be writing is true.

  • Draft your thoughts

After you research about the project make sure to draft whatever you have gathered. This will give you a chance to reflect upon things that you have collected. Drafting will also make your final writing to be improved.

  • Be formal

Using a formal tone is important for a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia has strict requirements and guidelines in context to which you must write the content formally. Wikipedia writers are trained to write things that make them look formal and professional.

  • Be precise

Wikipedia does not appreciate thoughts and opinions and thus being precise about facts is the only way that is left for the Wikipedia writers. They in order to get the effectiveness of the page to be increased keep things precise.

  • Don’t use promotional tone

So this is another thing that you need to keep in mind while writing a Wikipedia page. Although people now use it for the purposes of branding and marketing, however, it is still not accepted by Wikipedia. If you use promotional tone there are chances that Wikipedia will restrict you from publishing the page or it might get deleted after being live. Thus, it is better to avoid the promotional tone.

  • Strong references

As mentioned Wikipedia does not appreciates thoughts and opinions and to ensure the same it requires strong reference with every fact that has been presented. Wikipedia writers while their research must also gather a number of strong references to back their facts or writing. Without references, there are chances that Wikipedia might delete those facts which will affect the overall page.

  • Get hang of Wikipedia

Apart from any of these things one of the thing that Wikipedia writers need to understand is that they should be aware of every small detail about Wikipedia and especially about the guidelines and requirements that are posed by Wikipedia. It will make them able to get their writing to be effective and lesser revisions would be required if they are aware of details about Wikipedia.

Wikipedia writing is a lot more different than other forms of writing like article writing or blogging. It requires a number of things to be handled properly and delicately as they have been mentioned above. Thus, a Wikipedia writer if caters all of these things he could improve his worth.