Your author website is an important resource for clients to come and find you. It will showcase the best and most recent examples of your work, as well as giving them a way to get in touch if they want you to write for them. Here’s how to improve it and make sure that you get those sales.

  1. Include a contact form

Make it as easy as possible for clients to get in touch with you. A contact form allows them to send a message right from your website, without needing to open up an email client. You should also include an email address and any other contact method that you may wish them to use, to make it easier for them.

  1. Optimize for SEO

If you want to rank high in search results, you need to have good SEO on your website. This means making sure that the terms you wish to be found under feature prominently. You can also optimize image titles and captions where applicable, as well as putting important terms into the code of the website itself. Lastly, make sure your website loads quickly, as this also affects SEO.

  1. Make it mobile-friendly

You should always ensure that your author’s website responds well to mobile screens. It should be easy to navigate around even in the smaller space and should adapt to fit the portrait layout. This is essential if you want anyone to view your website on the go – which they surely will! If you aren’t great with web design yourself, you can hire someone from Gumtree to get the job done.

  1. Include personal details

Many people like to know the identity of the person they are working with. Include an ‘about me’ page which includes information about your background and experience, and any relevant qualifications you might have. You can include a professional-quality photograph of yourself as well as some quirky details to reel in your ideal clients!

  1. Update regularly

Try to add new work as often as possible. A good technique is to add each writing sample as a new post or item on your website. You can delete older items if you wish, but the important thing is to add new content regularly. This helps search engines to know that your website is still active, as well as showing clients that you are still very much active in your field.

  1. Add a blog

If you can write about writing itself, you might find that your website becomes a lot more popular. Adding sharable content might help it to go viral, and this will easily establish you as an expert in your field. What happens when you are an expert? You get more work! You will also be able to raise your rates as your website gets more and more popular. Try to pick topics closely related to the style of writing that you do, to target the right kind of audience. These blog posts will serve as an extra portfolio, too.

  1. Make it social

Not every client will want to check back on your website all the time, and the same is true for those who want to read your blog posts. Go social to make your website work better. Add links to your social media accounts, and use those, in turn, to link back to your website. You will get more views with every post.

With these tips, your author website should be strong enough to attract new clients regularly. Just remember to keep it fresh and change it every now and then!