Have you ever known that colors can influence mood? No? Then stay with us to find more.

Colors have been used since ancient times as a therapy to treat diseases. Several ancient cultures including the Egyptians and Chinese used chromotherapy as a healing tool and is still used today as a holistic or alternative treatment. Studies that go back as far as 1930 have showed that people at least in the western world, associate colors with specific emotions. For example: red shades tend to trigger your stress response and blue shades can relax and make you calmer.

Here are 7 colors that can strongly influence your mood:

1. Red – usually associated with love and romance it can also be linked to anger, stress and hostility but is the perfect color to attract attention. Studies have shown that red can increase your blood pressure, increase your pulse and make you more irritable. If you are a doctor or a nurse in Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs you might want to avoid this color in order to keep your patients relaxed.

Red colour

2. Orange – being such a vibrant color it is associated with energy and it is also often used in advertising due to its attention-garbing effect. It is a wonderful color to exercise around but you might want to avoid it is you want to be fit, studies have shown that can increase your appetite.

3. Green – it is associated with nature in the purest form but also with envy. Being such a harmonious color, it is believed to reduce stress and anxiety and attract harmonious feelings and improve your reading ability. If you are a reader it is the perfect color for you.

Green colour

4. Blue – a very calming color that can make you feel relaxed and peaceful. In contrast with what red does to your body studies show that blue can decrease your blood pressure and your heart beats and reduce anxiety. If you want a peaceful mind blue it’s your color.

Blue Colour
Abstract Ink blue color paint pouring in water

5. Yellow – a bright color that can be seen as warm and positive but can also lead to visual fatigue and frustration. If you are a reader you might want to avoid yellow because is more fatiguing to the eye because of the increased amount of light refraction. Yellow can also increase your metabolism. If you are looking for something to increase your metabolism yellow is your color.

Yellow colour

6. Purple – wisdom, mystery, pace, and strength are the words that describe purple the best. It can bring you inner peace and bring balance back into your life. It is also associated with high honors and royalty. Do you want to feel like a member of the royal family and also feel peaceful? Then purple is your color.

Purple Colour
Abstract purple drapery cloth, Dark violet fabric background

7. Brown – often associated with security, safety, strength and reliability can also make you feel lonely, sad and isolated. The same as orange, it increases the appetite. If you care about the number of calories in your diet, brown might not be your color.

Brown Colour

Color is a powerful communication tool that you can use to attract attention, influence mood or physiological reaction. As you already seen some colors can influence you blood pressure, heart beat, appetite or metabolism. Play with the colors around you to improve all the aspects in your life. You can always rely on colors to make your life easier.