Cleaning is a house chore not loved by many. But what if I told you that maintaining a clean home is actually the best way to keep everyone at home healthy?

It’s about time you stop making deep cleaning the last priority and enjoy these long-term health benefits for your family.

1. Keep allergies away


Dust and microscopic dust mites are common causes of colds, flu, and other allergic reactions. Dust, pet dander, mold, and mildew are also major triggers of asthma.

To keep allergies at bay, consider the following:

  • Vacuum frequently – Vacuum traps and holds onto problematic particles such as dust and dander. If you have kids or anyone with allergies at home, make sure that they stay out of the room for a while after you’ve vacuumed. This is because disturbed fibers can actually send dust and dander flying into the air.
  • Declutter – A cluttered home harbors tons of dust. By decluttering and having fewer possessions, the fewer items there will be for the dust to gather.
  • Use low VOC cleaning products – If anyone at home suffers from respiratory issues, you have to pay close attention to the cleaning products you use. Many products, especially ones which are scented with pine or citrus, contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that worsen asthma. Use natural cleaning products such as white vinegar or baking soda as inexpensive alternatives.

2. Reduce fatigue and stress

Coming home to a clean house relieves the stress you carry from work.

Keeping up with all the demands of day-to-day living can leave you exhausted, the least you can do is maintain a clutter-free home so that you can come home and relax in a wonderful, pristine environment.

3. Maintain focus

When you live in a cluttered environment, it’s easy to lose focus on the tasks at hand.

Instead of watering the plants or feeding your pet, your concentration will be disrupted by clutter lying around. This can be problematic if you’re trying to finish work at home, and if your kids are doing their homework.

For efficient decluttering, follow these tips:

  • Purge – To keep clutter at a manageable level, go through drawers, closets, or bins to check what you can recycle, donate, and throw out.
  • Pile items out of sight – A set of attractive baskets and bins can hide clutter like craft supplies, toys, and reading materials.
  • Declutter in stages – Instead of doing it all at once, declutter in stages to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the number of things that you need to do. This also lessens disruptions in your surroundings and normal routine.

4. Eliminate viruses and bacteria

A dirty home is a haven for various viruses and bacteria.

But if you do deep cleaning, you can totally eradicate germs that lurk underneath. As a result, you can protect your entire family from various diseases especially kids who are more vulnerable to infections.

5. Lower the risk of injury

Cleaning and organizing make a huge difference in the safety of your family. Keeping things in their proper places prevents the risk of injury at home.

Loose items like children’s toys increase the chances of trips and falls. When you clean your home, make sure to declutter and remove anything lying on the floor.

6. Prevent pests from proliferating

If you have a messy home, you are offering a safe haven for various pests.

Vermin are easily attracted to food debris, liquid spills, and dirt, and once they occupy your home, they can spread diseases.

Frequent cleaning prevents household pests from settling in. Get rid of any potential food sources such as food debris left on the sink and indoor trash bins. It’s crucial for the health of your entire family that you prevent pest infestation early on.

For your health and safety, it’s best to stay vigilant with your house cleaning.

Rather than deep cleaning semi-annually, make it a habit. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time for thorough cleaning, consider hiring a cleaning service. You can then work on maintaining cleanliness at home by making small, manageable cleaning and decluttering tasks a daily habit.


Rania Bellos launched Dust Busters Cleaning Services with the help and support of her husband after spending 15 years working in the banking and finance industry in France, Lebanon, and the UAE. She welcomes the daily challenges and exciting opportunities provided by the highly competitive residential and commercial cleaning services market.