Men have limited fashion choices as compared to women, whether it is about clothing or accessories. But you can make a lot out of these options if you know your essentials and the way you can style them to create fabulous ensembles. When it comes to accessories, there are a few things that you must have in you collection. Also, it is equally important to use them in the right way to take your everyday style quotient to the next level. Here are some of the evergreen accessories that have always been a man’s best friend.


A wallet is an accessory that men appreciate as much for its utility as they do it for style. From holding cash and cards to encasing the pictures of your loved ones, there is a lot that this one accessory does for you. Style-conscious men have always been carrying wallets and they will always keep doing so. When you pick one, look for quality leather that lasts and looks good as well. Invest in a few colors and styles to carry with different outfits. A classic one in black is good for professional look while a funky color will make a good impression for casual look.


Another cool accessory that every man should own is a pair of sunglasses. Like wallets, these too serve dual benefit; while you can protect your eyes from dust and direct sunlight with sunglasses, you can also flaunt a rockstar look with a stylish one. Always invest in a quality brand that offers good protection because cheap ones can impact your vision. When you buy a pair of sunglasses, try a few to see which one suits your facial structure. You can check an online website or visit a brand store to see a good collection.


A watch is a piece that you cannot absolutely miss if you are a man of style and substance. Have a few pieces, at least one from a luxury brand and a few from more reasonably priced ones. This will ensure that you be within your budget constraints yet have something to flaunt for an extra-special date or corporate event. Besides looking for different brands, add variety in terms of dial sizes, shapes and strap types as well. Explore some online shopping sites to get a good deal because they keep coming with good offers from time to time.

Jewelry Pieces

Next on the list of evergreen accessories for men are some awesome jewelry pieces, such as chains, bracelets, rings and earrings. Since everyone has their own preferences in terms of the pieces that they would like to wear, pick the ones you are more comfortable with. Choose a mix of precious and semi-precious stuff because you would not want to break your bank by buying all the expensive variants like the ones in gold and platinum. You can collect some nice pieces and mix and match them to create different looks for different occasions.


Most of the men think that belts are not as significant as the other items on this list but a good belt can actually make or break your look. When you buy a belt, check the quality of leather and the buckle design because these make all the difference to its look and quality. A classic piece in black leather with a simple buckle is one that every man should own. You can have a belt or two in other colors such as brown, beige and even blue for casual looks. Try one with a large designer buckle for the funky party look. Make sure that your belt matches your shoes to create a complete ensemble.


Bags make it to this list because every man needs one while going to work. You need to choose a size according to the stuff you want to carry. Ideally, it should be spacious enough to carry your laptop, files and papers with ease. A professional bag should be made of quality leather and designed simply to attract attention. If you are a gym buff, you should have a nice branded gym bag to store all the things you carry to the gym. A man who travels a lot should buy some quality travel bags to tour like a celebrity.

Accessories are an investment that you should not cringe on because they can accentuate your look and help you to step out in style. Always invest in quality pieces that stay with you year after year. Additionally, make sure that you buy evergreen stuff that never goes out of trend.