Gone are the days where an employee has to go back and forth the printing room to prep for a presentation. Nowadays, offices have their projectors and high-end laptops for their slides and visual aids.

Files also travel like water from one office area to another or from one branch location to another like a breeze.

Technology is changing how businesses operate, and it’s saving them half the time, money, and effort; yielding more in results and profits.

If you’re an SMB (small and medium-sized business), chances are, you’re already taking advantage of the benefits of technology whether you realize it or not.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 ways of how technology has reshaped the modern workplace.

1.Extensive collaboration

A traditional method of establishing a business would be to install hardware systems throughout the entire workplace. This is to provide employees the necessary equipment they need to deliver their tasks.

Due to cloud-based programs, companies are now collaborating with remote employees real-time and affordably as well. There are management platforms that are in a subscription-based model wherein a company only pays the program per usage.

These cloud-based programs, or also known as “cloud computing,” have also opened the doors for outsourcing positively and cohesively.

2.Improved communication

A lot of team collaboration software is now available to any business, regardless of size. In fact, these programs are so efficient that even a company with a thousand employees can work seamlessly using such applications.

Slack is the perfect example of a shared workspace that enables file sharing and chats. So when there are company-wide announcements, everyone will surely get the memo.

3.Lower overhead costs

It’s no surprise why a budding company would want to decrease overhead costs. Expenses such as utility bills can potentially hurt a startup.

More and more companies are now looking for sustainable alternatives that deliver maximum benefits such as led candle lights in place of incandescent lights.

Or installing skylights and encouraging employees to work in open offices. Technology has also allowed for topnotch solar technology for commercial spaces that save or even eliminate utility costs.

4.More robust security

Aside from a more robust online security for valuable files and documents, security cameras have also evolved tremendously.

Most of these cameras now come with a mobile-based application that business owners can access even if they’re miles away. Plus, these cameras also have other features such as enhanced night vision, motion detection, and automation.

This advancement ensures that employees’ safety is always a top priority.

5.Increased employee productivity

According to experts, AI could oust about 40 percent of jobs in 15 years. However, we’ve seen how artificial intelligence is assisting the most significant sectors in the industry today.

For instance, in the healthcare industry, AI robots handle the transport of test tubes. This is a mundane task which is easily achievable. This way, employees can focus on more essential tasks that need cognitive analysis.


Technology is here, and for a good reason. Instead of going against the current, businesses should ride the wave and appreciate how technology impacts their daily operations.