Having a pool built on your property will definitely be one of the most exciting times for your family. As soon as you mention this plan, everyone will be busy thinking about how they will enjoy using the pool.

With a pool within easy reach, everyone will have a place where they can escape the heat and cool down anytime. You will also have an additional, ready area for entertaining guests. It will also be the perfect place for your kids to play. Lastly, you will have a place where you can relax, get some much-needed workout, or just sit poolside and do catch up on your reading.

Selecting Your Pool Type and Design

The thought of having your personal pool can definitely be exciting. However, choosing the type and the design of your swimming pool can be confusing. With numerous options to pick from, you will likely encounter delays in selecting the right pool.

If you want to have the perfect pool and minimize the delays in its construction, follow the tips below for choosing the right swimming pool design and type:

  1. Consider its possible location

The first step to choosing the right type and design of your pool is to check the area where you want to have this water feature installed. This possible location will dictate the ideal shape and size of your pool.

Make sure there is plenty of space for a pool. It should also have enough space to accommodate any furniture you would like to place around or beside it. The area around the pool should also be wide enough to allow people to walk around without bumping into other each other and the furniture.

If possible, choose an area where the pool will always get enough sunlight. This is because if it sits in your property’s sunniest spot, it will always be attractive even when it is not in use. Because of this, you will have an additional beautiful feature in your landscape.

  1. Set your budget

It can be easy to go overboard with a pool construction project. After all, you want one that is beautiful, safe, and long-lasting.

However, you need to set a limit for your pool construction expenses. Although it is a great feature to have, spending all your money and even taking out a loan to have one built and to maintain it isn’t a good idea.

Once you have set your budget, you will have an easier time choosing the right pool design and type. This is because certain types of pools are more expensive than others. For instance, a lap pool is way more expensive than a plunge pool.

  1. Determine its uses

The pool’s intended use should also be one of the main considerations for its type and design. If you want a pool where everyone can work out and use to stay fit and healthy, you should have a lap pool built.

A recreational pool is an excellent choice if you want to have a mini water park where the kids can have fun all day. This type of pool comes with water slides, caves, tunnels, and other features that make it a complete water playground.

In case you want your water feature to be the highlight of your landscape, an architectural pool is your best option.

  1. Consider the regular users of the pool

It is also important to consider the regular users of the swimming pool in your choice of pool type and design. This is especially true if you have toddlers and young kids, or family members with special needs.

If you have any young kids, consider having a separate kiddie pool for them. Another option would be to have the pool constructed with different levels of depth so that the kids can enjoy themselves in the shallower section.

  1. Take the landscape into consideration

A pool should work as a focal point in your landscape; it shouldn’t be an eyesore or something that looks out of place in your lawn.

As such, you also need to consider your landscape when choosing a pool design. The design and type of your pool should complement or enhance your landscape.

In general, a rectangular pool (which is the usual shape of the lap and architectural pools) works well with most landscapes. A freeform shape, on the other hand, is often hard to incorporate into landscapes since it tends to call a lot of attention to itself.

As a final tip, prioritize safety when choosing your pool type and design, especially when you have kids. Ask your contractor what his or her recommendations are and for additional ways to make the pool safe for everyone’s use.


Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors, and Civils Division.