Newborns are one of the few perfect subjects for a photoshoot. They are asleep nearly all the time. You won’t have to direct or pose them since they can curl up into various adorable positions that make them look cuter and more lovable.

But there is more to newborn photography than simply taking photos of the baby from various angles. Although you will get plenty of charming pictures when you do this, you will gain better results when you and your baby prepare well for his or her first photoshoot.

To get the best photos of your baby from his or her newborn photoshoot, follow these tips shared by a studio that specializes in family portrait photography:

 1.Schedule the photoshoot as soon as possible

The arrival of a baby means additional work – chores that can derail your plans and usual activities.

If you are already planning to have a professional photographer take pictures of your newborn, arrange a schedule while you are on your last month of pregnancy. By doing so, you will be sure you won’t forget this important event after things get a bit hectic once you bring your baby home.

Since you know your expected date, try to schedule the photoshoot within five to ten days after giving birth (provided there are no complications). During this time, babies are easier to pose and curl into their natural cute positions. They don’t wake up quickly as well.

Because of these reasons, your photographer will get more incredible pictures without a lot of hassles and disruptions.

2.Decide on a theme

Newborn babies are naturally adorable; as such, you and the photographer won’t have to use lots of props and outfits to get beautiful shots of your baby.

However, having a theme for your baby’s first photography session will help you in various ways. For one, you will reduce the time you need to choose which infant clothes and blankets to use during the shoot.

For instance, if you select a nautical theme for your baby boy, you will limit your choice of outfits to sailor-inspired clothes. You can also simply pick infant wear and blankets that come in colors blue, red, and white or other combinations.

A theme will also help you and the photographer pick the right props and backgrounds for the photos.

You can also have more than one theme for the photoshoot. But make sure you are fully prepared for each one during the session to avoid rushing after spending time looking for the right outfits or props.

 3.Choose the photoshoot venue

Generally, parents have two options for a newborn photoshoot venue: the photographer’s studio or at home.

Ask if your photographer can conduct the session in your home. This is often a more convenient option since you won’t have to prepare much for the shoot. You will avoid driving or commuting to the studio as well.

In case the shoot takes place in your house, you don’t have to go all out to clean and spruce up your home. Professional photographers can work in any area. If the weather is good and you have a lawn or garden, they may recommend taking the session outdoors.

If the photoshoot will take place in a photography studio Dubai, aside from packing your bag with the items your baby will use for the session, make sure you bring everything that he or she needs to be comfortable.

4.Prepare well for the day of the photoshoot

Throughout the shoot, you will need to feed your baby several times. If you are bottle-feeding him or her, bring enough milk and water for a two to four-hour photography session.

Additionally, feed your newborn 30 minutes before the photography session. This will allow your baby to stay sound asleep when the photoshoot begins.

Pack enough diapers as well. Your newborn may poop or pee several times during the session as well, so make sure you have enough extras. Bring some old towels, wipes, blankets, and change of clothes so that you will be prepared when things get extra messy.

Since you, your spouse or partner, and older child (if any) will join in some photos, make sure you are dressed in line with the theme. Additionally, pack one or two extra outfits, as well as props you want to showcase in your pictures.

5.Communicate with the photographer

Finally, on the day of the photoshoot, don’t hesitate or feel embarrassed to speak up anytime during the session.

Tell your photographer when it’s time to change your baby’s outfits or use some props. If you want a new background, inform him or her as well. In case you think it’s time to change your child’s diaper, speak up.

If you are uncomfortable with the way the photographer is posing your baby, say so. If you think your child is exposed to too much sun or cold air, speak your mind as well.

A successful newborn photoshoot will only happen if you communicate and work well with your photographer.

Photos of your newborn are treasures worth keeping for the rest of your life. Make sure you have the best pictures of your tiny bundle of joy by following the tips above for his or her first photography session.