Is your dad what you consider a passionate beer enthusiast? Where he always chats you up on the various craft beers out there and the integral processes of a brewery? If so, indulge your dad’s fondness for beer by finding some gifts that speak to that!  

See below for some great beer-related gift ideas that he will love and enjoy this Father’s Day!  

Craft Beer Making Kit 

Bring the gift of a craft brewery to your dad’s home through a craft beer-making kit! This gift idea is great for dads who have always been curious about the brewery process. The beauty behind a craft beer-making kit for dad is that it provides everything he needs – clear, easy instructions and all the equipment and ingredients he can utilise. It allows him to get creative and have fun by experimenting with the various ingredients. Plus, a craft beer-making kit is a great opportunity for you and your dad to enjoy quality time together. You can bet it will be a grand ol’ time brewing his ale concoction and sharing a pint to enjoy together!   

Beer Filled Gift Basket 

As you get older, sometimes it means leaving far from your parents. Living in a different city can make it hard to celebrate occasions together, like Father’s Day. Yet, you can still find a way to show your beer-loving dad he’s appreciated despite the distance. You can do so by finding Father’s Day gift baskets that can act as his beer bucket! You can fill his gift basket with either his favourite beer or even a variety if he enjoys learning more about the different notes in certain beers. Though you don’t only need to have a beer in his basket, snacks that would pair well with beer and some beer-related items like a fancy pint glass or even a beer stein! You can guarantee that a gift basket can provide it all for dad this Father’s Day!  

Handy Beer Accessories 

You can get a plethora of beer accessories for dad. There are many to choose from out there. However, you don’t want to get any random beer accessory. You want to avoid getting anything that might be too inexpensive or anything he might already have (i.e. a simple bottle opener). Think about what dad doesn’t have and see what beer accessories would be handy for him. 

 For example, if your dad likes to go camping and bring beer. Getting him a better beer cooler can help keep his beer chilled, which will have him feeling refreshed during hot days. In addition, any nice beer sleeves to help keep his hands warm during colder nights. You can get beer sleeves in various designs – some sleek or some funnier with hilarious quotes. Just choose whatever speaks to his personality! Ultimately, with beer accessories, you are sure to find one he will appreciate as long as it’s something handy!  

Any Beer Memorabilia  

Does your dad have a good sense of humour? If so, you can certainly cater to that through some beer-related memorabilia! You can find various beer-related things. There are a lot of clothes that reference beer that typically comes as t-shirts, caps, and socks, but you can certainly find any article of clothing related to it! Some beer memorabilia can be useful and funny, like a beer belt that can have him look like a beer-toting cowboy with friends to share. If your dad is really into gag gifts, you can get him a fanny pack that looks like a big beer belly. The joke will hit even better if he already has a beer gut too! With a few of these gift ideas, you can ensure some good laughs with dad this Father’s Day!  

A Brewery Tour  

You can bet that a brewery tour would make for a memorable Father’s Day! Not only would it make a nice bonding experience together, but you can enjoy various aspects of the tour. For the most part, brewery tours explain the processes that make your dad’s favourite beer. Depending on the type of tour, it can include touring one brewery or multiple! However, ultimately, the best part of the experience would be sampling the different types of beers made there. In addition, some tours might even serve certain food to showcase the best beer pairings. You can’t go wrong with a brewery tour as a gift for dad this Father’s Day! 

There is nothing like opening a cold one for dad. Hopefully, these beer-related gift ideas inspire you to find the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day!