Not since the prohibition era is the public more divided as it is now when the topic of cannabis comes up. Both sides have their own quite valid arguments. None could be swayed to join the other side. It seems as though the whole topic about the importance of cannabis and if whether or not it should be legalized has come at a standstill. But what does cannabis really offer to people? Is it really that important? Here are a few reasons why.

1.Cannabis has a medical application


Ever heard of medical marijuana? I bet you did. It’s all over the news, TV shows, even movies. The idea of using cannabis for medical purposes wasn’t just concocted by a group of stoners to spread cannabis use to others. Scientific research was done to verify if cannabis does improve the lives of those who are sick. States that have approved medical marijuana use also did their research into the matter before their stamp of approval was given. There is scientific proof that medical marijuana benefits people, especially those suffering from certain chronic illnesses, and turning a blind eye because it is an “illegal” substance is almost cruel. To follow the logic, alcohol should be banned. There was a time in our history known as the Prohibition Era when alcohol was illegal yet that didn’t stop people from consuming it.

2.Cannabis has the potential for revenue

The states that have legalized cannabis such as Colorado and Washington state has seen an increase in tax revenue they get from cannabis taxation. It is a booming industry with dispensaries cropping up like mushrooms left and right. Everything is in place for the growth of a very lucrative industry and government approval of its sales and distribution will mean income for the state in lieu of taxes; taxes that could fund civic projects; taxes that could go to build schools, community centers, hospitals. Taxes that could be used to pay government employees higher wages or better yet, offer people more jobs.

3.Job opportunities

And speaking of jobs, as a growing industry, there is so much untapped potential for work within the cannabis industry. In plantations, biologists and agriculturists are needed for better crop yield or in creating new strains. Dispensaries also need hands to man their stores. In the e-commerce space, there is a demand for web developers and designers for online dispensaries that sell their products through the internet.

4.Investment opportunities

Good news to all entrepreneurs out there. Anyone looking to invest in a lucrative business opportunity can jump into the bandwagon of the cannabis industry. Dispensaries are not the only business venture you can start. You can open wholesale stores like online dispensary canada wholesale where they cater mostly to dispensaries and offer products in bulk. There is also the production side of things where new products infused with cannabis are created. And then there is the growing part, the people who grow the plant for distribution.

5.Money saved

Do you know how much the government shells out every year to combat marijuana use and distribution? On the federal level, the government spends roughly around $3 billion dollars a year for marijuana enforcement alone. All that money spent on repressing a plant that has been proven to benefit people. Legalization will mean that spending will considerably drop across the country with the court system seeing fewer cases that involve the substance.