Are you all set to start your online survey campaign sometime soon? Well, your survey questionnaire is the most important part of your online survey. In fact, the success of your online survey is largely determined by your online survey form. Thus, you have to be absolutely on-point with the online survey form. The post below offers tips on how to create effective online survey forms.

Know what you want

Before you start drafting the questions, be sure of what you exactly want to know from your target group. Define the purpose of the survey campaign and you will automatically know what kind of survey questions to ask here. The focus should be on “actionable feedback” that can actually decide on the future course of action for you.

Keep it compact and short

There is a confusion on the length of online survey form? You will get the maximum response if the survey can be completed within 5 minutes only. A survey that takes more than 7 minutes to complete is a serious turn-off and will lead to a steep decline in the participation rate. An inadequate rate of participation will only render the entire survey campaign totally useless.

Include both close-ended & open-ended questions

You will need both quantitative and qualitative data to conduct your research based on the survey feedback. So, make sure to include both close-ended and open-ended questions in your survey questionnaire. Close-ended questions are those that help you to gather specific answers. For example, a Yes/No set of questions are close-ended questions. Open-ended questions are those that make space for elaborate answers. For example-say, you want an opinion about the new flavor of ice-cream you recently introduced. In that case, you can ask-“What do you think of our new flavor?”

Use simple language

The language of your survey questionnaire should be simple and easily legible. You have to put yourself in your respondents’ shoes and speak in their tongue. Do not use any kind of hardcore technical jargon that is not easily comprehensible for your target niche.

Online survey form builders are handy

If you are not so confident about your programming skills, you can take the help of an online form builder. Aida from is a good poll maker that helps to make impressive online poll or survey forms without any coding work from your side. An online form builder software comes with various templates which can be easily customized with responsive sections you need for your survey. AidaForm even enables you to modify the survey form with the logo and color of your company. Then, a leading form builder can easily integrate with MS Excel/Google Sheets and email marketing tools. It helps to arrange the survey form data on datasheets and carry detailed data analysis in an organized and effective way. The integration with email marketing tool is a great help for your business as the integration can gather all the email ids from the form responses to save you from the hassle of finding them individually.