Summer is getting really close and you’re probably trying to make final preparations. Everybody wants to have a great body on the beach or on their next travel location. They want to look great in their shorts, skirts, and dresses while strolling around and having fun under the sun.

Maybe you haven’t really started on time, but there are still ways to get in shape and help your hair and skin look great. A couple of tips to follow and you’ll be ready for the long, hot summer in no time.

1. Move that body

Regular exercise is highly recommendable but if you have been neglecting physical activity most of the time, it doesn’t mean you should just quit. It’s never too late to start getting in shape. No matter how late you start, you can still turn things around.

So, start combining cardio with strength training and try doing them at least three times a week (if not more often). With every day of exercise, add 5 more minutes to the workout. It won’t take too much of your time but it could be a big improvement. The fact is that with every training you’ll be burning more and more calorie.

2. Make use of seasonal food

Late spring and early summer are great periods for having a balanced diet. It’s the time when there is an abundance of nutritive fruits and vegetables that you can add to your diet. Actually, they should make 50% of your daily meals, while the other half should be lean protein and healthy fats. Lightening up your meals with fresh food will definitely enable your digestive system to work more effectively. Any brightly colored food will fill you up, thanks to fiber in it, and provide you with a lot of nutrients and a low number of calories.

3. Get rid of those hairs

We all want hair-free skin but sometimes it can be a nightmare to remove them or even to wait until they grow just enough for waxing. If you have been considering an alternative to waxing or shaving, laser hair removal is the most effective solution. You will almost forget you’ve ever had hair. This is the high time to make this decision and enjoy your smooth legs all summer.

4. Stock up with sunscreen

In case you used green sunscreen products last year, they won’t be any good this year because they were not made with preservatives. You don’t want to experience sunburns and wrinkly skin on the very few days of summer. So, the best move is to buy two different types of sunscreen on time – one for your body and the other one for your face. Don’t hesitate to use sunscreens with a higher SPF (at least 30 for the body and 50 for your face). Every time you go outside your home, apply the sunscreen on the exposed areas. This will enable a steady and safe suntanning.

5. Seeing the dentist

It was a long time ago when people used to see their dentists just in order to fix them. Nowadays, people turn to dentists so that they could help them brighten their smile, whiten their teeth or make any minor corrections that we want. The people from Western countries, especially the US and Australia, pay a lot of attention to their teeth and how to make them more beautiful. More precisely, any New York or Sydney dentistry expert or a quality Brisbane dental laboratory know how to adequately use veneers to make your smile radiant. Summer is the time for parties and weddings, so it’s high time you took care of your teeth and showed your big smile without worrying about how it looks.

6. Change your skincare routine

During winter, it’s recommendable to use heavy-oiled creams to prevent the skin from drying out. However, your skin reacts differently during the summer, so you don’t want to suffocate it with heavy products. Instead, buy lighter creams and lotions, preferably with an SPF if you’re going to spend a lot of time outside.

7. Change your makeup

First of all, take a closer look at your current makeup products – some of them may have expired and you don’t want them on your face during hot days. Also, winter makeup is much heavier than summer makeup so if you continue using it, you’ll risk clogging your pores. This is the right time to make the switch and let your skin adapt to new products. Warmer days also bring more humidity so let your skin take advantage of that. The best way to let your skin breathe is to get a sheer CC cream.

8. Necessary hydration

Regular hydration is always important but its significance goes up when warmer days approach. You lose more water when you sweat so you need to compensate by drinking around 2 liters a day. If you start drinking enough water right now, you’ll also make your skin more radiant (because dehydration makes it look dull) and you’ll help your body get rid of cellulite. Avoid sodas and juices – instead, add cucumber or lemon slices to your water to add flavor. That way, you’ll be more prone to drink it throughout the day.

9. Prepare your hair for summer

The healthier your hair is before the summer comes, the easier it will deal with the sun, salt and chlorine. Make sure you apply deep conditioning to your hair at least once a week to strengthen and hydrate it. You can opt for a mask or a handful of coconut oil. Also, make sure you apply a sun protection hair spray if you’re planning to be outside for a longer period of time and wash your hair with an after-sun shampoo that will help it recover from the UV rays.

10. Pay attention to your feet

Summer is the time when we rarely wear anything else besides sandals and flip flops. Don’t let your feet look like you’ve been stepping barefoot on the rocks all winter. The first step is to use a scrub once a week to soften up the calluses that built up during the cold months. Apply a heavy moisturizer on your feet, wear socks and let it soak during the night. It will smooth the cracked heels. Use oils specifically designed for nail and cuticles. And lastly, get some trendy nail polishes and put on some color.

11. Switch to another type of deodorant

If you have been planning to finally switch to a completely natural deodorant, this is the final chance to do it. Your body will need some time to get rid of the chemicals it soaked through the commercial deodorants. Consequently, your body’s natural odor may change (read: get stronger) during that period of adaptation. Natural deodorant improves their efficiency over time, so if you start now, your skin will be perfectly accustomed to them by the time really hot weather comes.

12. Detox your body

You need to prepare your body for the summer from the inside, too. Your body is accustomed to heavy food and beverages you’ve been addicted to during cold months. Now it’s time to get rid of the toxins through fresh vegetables and fruits – the most effective way is to add smoothies to your breakfast routine. Also, drink more green tea – it is an ideal antioxidant that will also speed up your metabolism.

Final comment

Summer preparations should start as soon as possible – after you’re done with reading this. It isn’t too late to make some positive changes. If you really put an effort to it and stay disciplined, you will notice a change really quickly. You will enjoy the summer fully if you prepare your skin and body for what’s to come.

Author bio: Mianna Korben does the 9 to 5 like any other typical gal. But, when the clock strikes five she finds the most comfortable nook and starts writing about things she enjoys most. She writes about the things she is passionate about and tries to embrace daily in her lifestyle choices.