You may be really particular about your dental and ophthalmological appointments but what about seeing a dietitian? This is a professional whom you are unlikely to see unless you struggle with weight loss issues. However, there could be several other reasons that make it important to see them regularly and have your nutritional voids detected and resolved. Here are some signs that you should see a professional dietitian sooner rather than later.

1. You seem to have an allergy or intolerance

Do you suffer from digestive issues every time you eat certain food items? You may be intolerant or allergic to foods such as dairy and gluten. Though you may suspect a pattern, you should see a professional with the right expertise to get a confirmed diagnosis and seek guidance about dealing with the issue.

2. You experience lethargy and fatigue without any reason

Nutritional deficiencies can cause lethargy and fatigue without any known reason. If you experience such symptoms that do not go even after adequate rest and with a good diet, you may not be on the top of nutritional status. A dietitian can assess where your diet lacks and recommend the changes that you need to make to cover the gaps. They also help you by prescribing supplements to make up for the deficiencies.

3. Your bowel is irregular

Another indication that warrants a visit to a professional dietitian is chronic constipation. If you are eating right and are still irregular for a prolonged time period, you need help. Taking laxatives will not do any good in the long run and it is better to correct the issue with the right diet. An expert can help you by guiding you about the foods to eat and the ones to avoid.

4. The scales do not budge no matter what you do

If your weight loss efforts are yielding no results despite putting in great efforts, you need to get professional guidance. A dietitian will understand your specific challenges and goals and suggest the best diet for you. They can suggest options like the Mediterranean, Ketogenic or the hcg diet plan accordingly. The last one works for those who want rapid and sustainable weight loss with minimal efforts.

5. You suffer from acid reflux and heartburn

If you are suffering from acid reflux and heartburn but have found nothing in diagnostic findings, it’s probably because your diet is wrong. A dietitian can find where you are going wrong and help you address the problem as well. Unless there is a serious underlying issue, these problems are better resolved with dietary alterations.

6. You have been diagnosed with a chronic condition

Chronic conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension do need medical attention but you also require working on your overall diet and lifestyle. A dietitian can draw a chart for you and help you make the right food choices to keep your vital health metrics in check. This will enable you to live healthier despite suffering from a chronic condition.

7. Your appetite levels have changed drastically

Another indication that you require professional guidance is a sudden and drastic change in your appetite levels. This could range from a complete loss of appetite or excessive cravings without any cause. An expert can help you in understanding the underlying cause and find out the way to rectify things.

8. You are planning to conceive in near future

Preparing your body for sustaining a healthy pregnancy is another good reason to see a dietitian. They can give you tips about the right foods that boost fertility. Also, you need to have an optimal weight to increase the chances of conception. An expert can prescribe the right diet to help you achieve the ideal weight if you weigh less or more.

9. You feel stressed and end up overeating

Binge eating is a problem that a large number of people face. They tend to feel stressed out and end up eating more and gaining weight. So if you think that you are suffering from such a problem, take this an indication that you need to get a dietitian’s appointment sooner rather than later.

10. Something does not feel right

Even if you are fit and healthy but something just does not feel right, it’s time to get your diet reassessed from a professional. A yearly visit will do you a lot of good as you will be able to brush up your food awareness, identify the triggers and chalk out a weight maintenance strategy for the future.

A dietitian’s visit can help you in more than one way, whether you are healthy or struggling with weight issues. It is a simple yet reliable way to get a professional assessment of your diet, lifestyle and fitness status as a whole.