Dubai is the most visited city on the planet, and also called the fashion capital of the middle east. But do you know why? 50 years ago the most advanced city in the world did not have anything. Nobody wanted to go there, but who knew in the future where nobody wanted to go, will become the world’s first futuristic city.

Dubai is called the city of dreams, and from all around the world people wish to visit the city once in their life. The city has lots of things to amaze you like the Burj Khalifa world’s tallest building, Dubai Mall the world’s second-largest mall, the world’s largest aquarium, and the underwater zoo.

Apart from all the things, palm island is more than enough for your life best experience ever. Palm Island is the world’s first biggest artificial island made by humans.

Everybody knows that these places are the most visited places in Dubai and everybody who comes to Dubai, he/she already made up his/her mind to visit these places. When you are returning to a home you have lots of unheard things to tell your friends and family members.

And how can be it possible? It is only possible when you book a Dubai Tour package with the best travel company. And, for your best travel experience, I have a name that I would like to suggest to you i.e. Roaming Routes is the best travel company for your foreign tour. If you chose a Dubai tour package from the company then you don’t need to think about anything. You will automatically visit these places one by one and explore these places like no one has ever done before.

So hold your breath if you are going to visit Dubai, and in this article, I am going to tell you about the 10 best places to visit in Dubai.

1- Burj Khalifa.

2- Desert Safari.

3- Dubai mall.

4- Palm Jumeirah.

5- Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo.

6- Ferrari world.

7- Dhow cruise

8- Atlantis the palm

9- Ski Dubai

10- Jumeirah beach park

So these are the 10 best places to visit in Dubai. Your tour of the dream city is inconsiderable if you are not visiting these places. Below I will give you all the details of these places, like the introduction about the places, what to do at these places, how to reach, the best time to visit these places. So without wasting the time let’s start with the first name.

1.Burj Khalifa

In your life, for a thousand times you must have heard a lot about the skyscraper, but if you really want to see a true skyscraper then come to Dubai and see the perfect example of it. 2717 feet is the total height of the building including an antenna. In 2004 construction was started and in 2010 the great building was ready to welcome everybody. Make sure when you are planning your tour of Dubai, you don’t miss this great infrastructure.

What to do At Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the first and the last reason to visit Dubai. Whenever people plan their Dubai tour, the name of the first place in their list is Burj Khalifa. The building is a home for more than 900 apartments, apart from the residential part. The building has a movie hall, restaurant, club, gym, swimming pool and lots of things to entertain all the visitors.

The best thing about this grant structure is the world’s largest observation deck. On floor 125th and 126th the building has an observation deck, from where you can enjoy the 360-degree view of Dubai.

How to Reach Burj Khalifa-

In any city, the easiest way to go from one place to another place in the metro. Because the metro is two in one advantage, first it will save your time and the second advantage will be that the metro is always cheaper than any other transport. So if you are in Dubai then the metro is the best option, Dubai metro is very well connected to the city. From airport terminal 1 and 3 you will get a direct metro for Burj Khalifa.

Best Time to Visit

There are two-timing available for visit to BURJ KHALIFA. Timing is divided into two parts, first is prime hours and second is non- prime hours. In prime hours you have to pay some extra amount.

1st – prime hours

3 pm to 6 pm

Ticket price on prime hours– AED210

2nd – Non-Prime hours

8.30 am to 2.30 pm

7 pm to 11 pm

Ticket price on non-prime hours– AED135

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2. Desert Safari

Dubai has two sides, first is great infrastructure, and the second is the great desert of Dubai. All over the world, lots of countries have Desert and they also offer tourists a chance to visit their desert. But if you really want to enjoy the real desert safari you have to come to Dubai and have to experience the world’s best desert safari. People don’t have words to explain their experience of Dubai desert safari. Dubai desert safari is well known for the most powerful vehicle cars and bikes used during the safari.

What to do at Desert Safari

Desert safari is the best thing Dubai has. In the middle of Arabian Desert, you have lots of things to do like 4×4 safari in the most powerful SUV, like dinner in Desert, camping, bonfire, camel ride, hot air balloon ride, skiing. Desert offers you two types of safari, first is morning safari and the second one is evening safari. The morning safari starts at 9.30 am and evening safari starts at 3.30 pm. After spending a day well in Desert you also have two more options to explore your tour, first is dinner in the desert and the second one is overnight safari. Diner in Desert is awesome for foodie people, who love to explore the food world-wide, but overnight safari can fill your soul.

How to Reach Desert Safari-

The distance of Desert safari from Dubai mall is only 58 KM, by road you can reach your destination in 37 min only. Generally, people already pre-book safari and the travel guide or travel company has a responsibility to take people at safari according to their slots of booking.

Best Time to Visit

24×7 is the best time to visit the Arabian Desert for safari. But generally, people chose their best or free time to visit there. And do what they want to do. From the experience of people, who have done safari before, they recommended two best times to visit the safari, “Before sunrise and after sunset”.

3. The Dubai Mall

If you are tired of searching for a place, where you can do shopping, fun, sports, adventure, sports. Then you should come once at the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall is the perfect destination for all things. It holds the records of the world’s largest mall. Over 1200 shops are in the mall. The largest sweet shop is also in the mall. Because of this mall, Dubai is called the fashion capital of the Middle east.

What to do at the Dubai Mall

The Dubai mall has endless things to do and these things make Dubai mall different from all malls across all over the world. All over the world, the mall is pretty famous for world-class shopping. Apart from shopping, you can do underwater photography, indoor sports, having food from more than 300 outlets. For kids, the mall has a different section, which is Kidzania, where kids can learn about the life of their role model and learn while playing.

How to Reach Dubai Mall

The best and cheaper way to reach the Dubai Mall is the metro. In Dubai, if you want to go from one place to another place then you don’t need to suffer. Dubai metro is very well connected to the city. Burj Khalifa is the nearest metro station for Dubai Mall.

Best Time to Visit Dubai Mall

During winter months Dubai comes alive because of the Dubai shopping festival. In between November to April, Dubai is the favourite tourist destination, for the people of all around the world.

4. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is one of the parts of palm island, palm island includes three islands, first palm jebel, second is palm Deira, and the third one is palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah is one of the places, where you can stop your travelling soul. After the great wall of the china and Berlin wall, Dubai has one and the only thing that can be seen from space. For vacations and for entertainment, palm Jumeirah is called the haven of the earth.

What to do at Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is the best place for you and also for the child inside you..the island gives you a second chance to live like a kid. You can do those things here, which you never think in your dreams, like swims with sharks, dolphins and sea lions too. Apart from that island is also famous for the boat ride, the ride will give you the unbelievable experience of your life that you never had before.

How to Reach Palm Jumeirah

As you people know palm Jumeirah is one island from palm islands. So if you want to go palm Jumeirah, then you have one and only option, that is mono-rail.

Best Time to Visit Palm Jumeirah

Palm Islands open 24×7 for visitors. But the best time to visit the palm island is between November to April. And the peak season starts from January to February.

5. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

In our life, we all saw lots of aquariums but when someone says Dubai Aquarium, then seriously, it’s beyond the thinking. It holds the record of the world’s largest aquarium with a capacity of 10 million litre tank. Dubai aquarium is a home for more than 40,000 sea creatures. The best thing about the aquarium is, all the creatures in the aquarium come from all over the world. The biggest crocodile in the world is also in the aquarium.

What to do at Dubai Aquarium & Zoo

If you want to do underwater photography, underwater diving, and want to swim with sharks and with many other sea creatures without jumping into the ocean, then Dubai Aquarium is the best option for you. Because in Dubai Aquarium you can do the same thing which you want to do in the ocean.

You can do underwater photography, cage diving, skiing, at Aquarium.

How to Reach Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium is located in the Dubai mall. So for the aquarium, you can take the Dubai metro. Burj Khalifa is the nearest metro station for Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo.

Best Time to Visit Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

From November to March is the best time to visit the Aquarium and underwater zoo.

Mon- Fri 10 am to 11 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am to 12 am.

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6. Ferrari World

Ferrari, the name is enough to feel the thrill in mind. And the Ferrari world is the home for the best thrilling experience. The park is located in Abu Dhabi. It has the world’s fastest roller coaster and also holds the records for best theme park from 2015 to 2018.

What to do at Ferrari World

In the Ferrari world, you have lots of things to do, like the world’s fastest rides, racing karts, kids zone, kids rides, ride with experts, karting, etc. For visitors, the park also has a cultural show also.

How to Reach Ferrari World

Dubai to Ferrari World, RTA Dubai has bus service every 30 minutes.

Best Time to Visit Ferrari World

The best time to visit the Ferrari world is during cultural events. In cultural events, the park organizes light and sound shows and apart from the show, world best racers come to perform in the event.

7. Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise is basically a Cruise ride, which gives to the best experience of old Dubai and modern Dubai. On this tour, you can enjoy unexpected views of Dubai, and can also enjoy the cultural shows.

What to do at Dhow Cruise

You have four things to do on Dhow Cruise.

First- enjoying sightseeing.

Second- having local food, and having dinner in Arabic style.

Third- enjoy the cultural program.

Fourth- enjoy the Cruise party.

How to Reach Dhow Cruise

As usual metro is the best option for Dhow cruise, but if you have a Dubai tour package then you don’t need to worry about that, your travel agent or travel company will take you to the Cruise.

Best Time to Visit Dhow Cruise

With every sunset, DhowCruise is ready to give you the best experience of the Dubai Tour. Every evening is the perfect time to visit Cruise.

8. Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis the palm is the super-luxury hotel/resort in palm Jumeirah at Palm Island. It is based on the theme of the myth of Atlantis. It has two wings that are called east and west wing and both are connected by a royal bridge. It have1548 rooms and an aquarium which is home for more than 65,000 marine animals.

What to do at Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis the Palm is a hotel on Palm Island, where you can experience the luxury of the hotel and explore yourself on the palm island. And if you want to do some adventure, so for your adventure hotel has its own beach and indoor aquarium.

How to Reach Atlantis the Palm

Atlantis the Palm is at Palm island, and the island is connected to mono-rail. If you don’t like mono-rails, only the travel agent or travel company is able to drop you at palm island.

Best Time to Visit at Atlantis the Palm-

In perfect summer, from April to May is the best time to visit Atlantis the Palm. Because Dubai in summers Dubai is too hot and Atlantis the Palm knows how to keep you cool.

9. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is basically a snow park, where you can fully fill all of your wishes, which you can’t even think of in Dubai, because of the temperature of Dubai.-1 degree celsius a minimum temperature of the park. For visitors, the park has lots of things like ice caves, snow towers, indoor ice skiing and lots more.

What to do in Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai has lots of things that can amaze every visitor. If you visit the park, you have lots of things to do like ice skiing, watch penguin parades, enjoy the ice skiing, underwater viewing of penguins Ski Dubai is the best place to visit if you are in Dubai.

How to Reach Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is located in the mall of Dubai. And for the Dubai Mall, the metro is the best and very convenient. If you are coming from Dubai airport, then take the blue line metro. And if you have a Dubai tour package then leave all things of your travel agent.

Best Time to Visit Ski Dubai

Summer and the festive season is the best time to visit ski Dubai. And if you love penguins and want to watch the parade then visit the park between 12 pm to 9 pm.

10. Jumeirah Beach Park

If you are really tired by your hectic schedule then Jumeirah beach park is the best place for you. There are lots of places to visit in Dubai for tourists and local people also but for family picnics, Dubai has the Jumeirah beach park. A park is an idol place for family outings. And the best thing about the park is that you can enjoy the park and the beach at the same time.

What to do at Jumeirah Beach Park

Underwater diving, wildlife encounter, banana ride, jetpacking, kite surfing, barbeque, cycling, all these things you can do at Jumeirah beach park. That’s why the park is famous for the best picnic spot in Dubai. You can have the best romantic experience with your love on this Dubai beach.

How to Reach Jumeirah Beach Park

Dubai metro is very well connected to Dubai, but for Jumeirah beach park no metro is available, but by bus, you can reach nearby the park. from gold sukh you can take 8 number bus for the park.

Best Time to Visit at Jumeirah Beach Park

The park is open for all visitors from 7 am to 10 pm except Thursday and Friday. On Thursday and Friday, the park will open for visitors at 11 am.

These were some of the great and wonderful places to visit in dubai during your dubai tour. If you are planning to book a Dubai tour package then you can ask your tour planner or agency to include these amazing places in your package.